Biosphere Challenge 2016

Biosfärutmaning ENG sneställd - kopiaWhy a Biosphere Challenge?
All people living in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve have a special opportunity to showcase good examples of sustainable ways of living in harmony with our planet Earth.

The first Biosphere Challenge was initiated in 2015 by Biosphere Reserve Lake Vänern Archipelago in Sweden and Lake Vänern Museum. It is a challenge for elementary schools in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. The purpose of the Biosphere Challenge is to show the effects of many people working together towards a common goal. Together we can create a change towards a more sustainable World!

Sustainable development is complex and we do not have all the answers. Biosphere Reserves are model regions where local solutions to meet global challenges are developed. When global challenges feel overpowering, we want to show that change is possible and that we can work together to create change. You and your elementary school can participate. Let the children experience that many people’s actions can contribute to something big.
Our ambition is to offer annual practical, real challenges, accessible on equal terms for all pupils.

This year’s Biosphere Challenge is about movement and democracy
We are challenging your class to through a democratic process develop a new outdoor game designed to increase children’s mobility.
New games often spring from something invented or thought of before. Therefore, we encourage the children in your class to speak with their relatives and friends to get inspiration. You decide which three characteristics your game should be based on from a selection.
Playing prolongs life. You may choose if you create a game for your age group or for children at a younger age. Let the children of your class present their suggested game. You may divide the class into groups and let them test play proposed games. In a democratic fashion, elect the game to be played by the whole class.
Imagine all the fun outdoor activities that will travel from one biosphere reserve to another this way!

Biosphere Challenge 2016


Here is what you do:
– Register you interest to:, no later than April 1st .
– You will have until May 20 to do the Challenge
– Report by May 20 to:

Assistance: All participating classes receives an information packet (below). It contains teaching material, including an explanation of the game and its relevance to sustainable development, report forms and inspiring examples.

Competition: Would your class like to be part of a competition? Challenge other elementary school classes in your local biosphere reserve.

Here is how you report:
• Complete the report form by using your description of the game and its rules. Make the description clear so that another class is able to play the game.
• Record a short movie of your school class playing the game, approx. 2 minutes. Make sure you have appropriate permissions from parents.
• Submit the complete report to: All nominated games are gathered on this website.


Information packet

Biosphere challenge 2016 (pdf)

Letter to parents (pdf)

Biosphere challenge 2016 (Power Point)

Teachers support (Word)

Document for report (Word)


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